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The Global Network for the Electric Energy Revolution!
Discover how we're putting electric power in your hands by building the largest community of home and professional charging distributors for your electric vehicle.

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Now - Phase 1
1 HEGO = 0.013 USDT
1 HEGO = 0.00000019 BTC
1 HEGO = 0.00000338 ETH
1 HEGO = 0.00002158 BNB
1 HEGO = 0.00041231 ETC
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1 HEGO = 0.023 USDT
1 HEGO = 0.00000034 BTC
1 HEGO = 0.00000597 ETH
1 HEGO = 0.00003818 BNB
1 HEGO = 0.00072946 ETC

Key Initiatives & Technologies

A Good Choice for a Sustainable Future

Every individual will have the opportunity to earn by providing energy, creating a fair and inclusive ecosystem similar to cryptocurrency mining..

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Why Should You Buy the HEGO Token?

Buying the HEGO token not only supports an innovative and sustainable project but also offers potential financial benefits and the opportunity to contribute to a cleaner energy future..

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How do HEGO tokens work?

The better the charging stations function, the more local HEGOs will be purchased, and the higher the value of the HEGO token will increase, thanks to a percentage allocated for purchase..

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Payment for recharges and services is streamlined and secure.

Leveraging our cryptocurrency HEGO and automation through smart contracts eliminates errors and human interventions in portfolio management and payments, simplifying and ensuring security and transparency in every use of the system.

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Community-Shared Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicles.

Share your electrical supply, both on a personal and industrial scale, for recharging users' electric vehicles. HEGO's simplified open-source technology streamlines distribution and enables payments through cryptocurrency and smart contracts.

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Technology Empowering Electric Vehicle Charging

The HEGO community introduces an advanced solution for electric vehicle charging: distributed open-source technology. Open to everyone, the construction of charging stations is accessible to those with basic technical skills..

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Sustainable Economy and Compensated Contributors.

Sustainable economy and compensated contributors are fundamental principles at HEGO. Those who contribute to the development, support, and enhancement of HEGO are remunerated through the economic activities generated by the platform.

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Charge Anywhere, Anytime.

Hego will install more charging stations in cities, enabling those with apartments, shops, or street-level offices to easily charge electric cars. Outside cities, the community will find charging points even in unexpected places..

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HEGO Project Roadmap

1. Project Formation Phase

  • Concept Generation
  • Mini Team Formation
  • White Paper Development
  • Website Development
  • HEGO Token Development
  • Development of HEGO Smart Contract for Token Offering
  • Development of User Distribution Token Software for HEGO
  • Development of Smart Contract for Token Loan to Investors
  • Establishment of Social Media Accounts

3. As Soon As Possible

  • Launching First Projects for the Community
  • Listing on Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko
  • Extensive Marketing

2. Starting Phase

  • Pre-sale token
  • Referrals programs
  • Minimal Marketing Rollout
  • Open Site registration
  • Onboarding First Influencers
  • Listing on DEX
  • Website Improvement

4. Launch Phase

  • Press Release & Media Drop
  • YouTube Influencer Campaign
  • Real World Event Activations
  • Installation of the First HEGO Electric Chargers
  • Launch of the HEGO Mobile App