HEGO Transparency Page
Page last updated 29.02.2024

HEGO Wallets

  • Wallet BSC (BNB Smart Chain)
  • Contract : 0x0d16Dc62D03A576ae6B92dB5830b4Fb95611f038

Below is a list of the official HEGO wallets:

  • Wallet Contract Owner: 0x828a8De704C28d772Cd351ABA284FC912028CB68
  • Wallet Multidisciplinary Team : 0xCCc6e295128e991042379Ab6ec682DeCE07176aC
  • Wallet Insiders : 0xa3abba4B743b9f573dF41FE7435DB7ecC512413a
  • Wallet Presale/Users/Exchanges : 0xac43e0F3D7D1D7E8Bdb9f44c4C6c86103b884D73
  • Wallet Emergency Reserve : 0xc51d1AF864cC93B8d507464FA67313f4EcB145E0

If you have any questions about, please contact us at [email protected].