Influencer Section

An influencer is an expert in internet marketing. Their role will be crucial in promoting awareness of HEGO and its distribution points, using various online tools such as social media, video sharing sites, chats, and other means. Once HEGO is fully operational, it will require a dedicated influencer for each language used to manage general communications, as well as influencers for specific and temporary projects.

Role and Opportunities for Influencers

  • Social Media Engagement: Promoting HEGO through various social media platforms.
  • Video Content Creation: Using video sharing sites to spread awareness about HEGO.
  • Interactive Communication: Engaging with potential users through chats and other interactive tools.
  • Multi-Lingual Representation: Managing communications in different languages once fully operational.
  • Compensation in HEGO Tokens: Paid assignments authorized by the community will be compensated with HEGO tokens.