Developer Section

The HEGO community is in need of numerous developers. While we aim to involve universities worldwide, we are also seeking users with capabilities in various fields: Electrical, Electrotechnics, Electronics, Software Development (JavaScript, CSS, ORM, Security), Smart Contract Development, Smart Contract Testing, Wallet Development, Translations, CAD Design, 3D Printing, and other skills. Those with these skills are encouraged to register on our site and join the community.

How Developers Can Contribute

There are two ways developers can contribute to the community:

  • Requests from HEGO: Specific requests will be published in the site's community. Users with the necessary skills can offer their services and solutions.
  • Individual Initiatives: If a developer identifies improvements or bugs, they can report the problem and propose solutions through the community forum on the site (as long as this does not entail risks like explaining a potential bug) or by communicating directly via email with the details to: [email protected].

Any work must be authorized by the community. Developers will be compensated in HEGO tokens for their contributions.