HEGO: Two Types of Investment Opportunities

1. Investment through HEGO Token Offering

Investors can participate in the HEGO Token Offering. The funds raised will be used to remunerate early programmers, purchase and lease hardware and software, and finance wallets for transaction fees on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and Ethereum networks.

  • Quantity of Tokens Available: 5 million HEGO tokens.
  • Participation Procedure: Investors are required to send BNB or Ethereum to the specified address [XXXXXXX]. In return, the contract will automatically issue a predefined amount of HEGO tokens, based on the amount of BNB or Ethereum sent.
  • Conversion Rate: For each unit of Ethereum (or fraction thereof) sent, XX HEGO tokens will be received. Similarly, for each BNB sent, XX HEGO tokens will be received.
  • Important: It is crucial to use the BSC network for transactions, otherwise the tokens will not reach the intended destination.
  • Assistance: For doubts or clarifications, please consult the HELP section on the website. For specific issues, contact [email protected].

2. Investment to Ensure Liquidity on DEX

The second type of investor is one who has tokens to ensure liquidity on DEX (Decentralized Exchanges). This method requires investors to provide both their own tokens and HEGO tokens in a 50-50 proportion on selected DEXs, to ensure adequate liquidity for the HEGO token.

  • Quantity of Tokens Available: 5 million HEGO tokens, distributed to a maximum of 100 users.
  • Reservation Procedure: Interested users must fill out the provided reservation form.
  • Earnings from Liquidity Provision: Any earnings generated from liquidity provision (LP) will be the user's profit.
  • User Commitment: The lent HEGO tokens must be put into liquidity on the listed DEXs. Otherwise, they will be withdrawn and removed from the user's availability.
  • Note: Understanding the operation of DEXs and the shared liquidity mechanism is essential for effective participation in this type of investment.