Engineering and Innovation Section

Undoubtedly, HEGO requires engineers with specific skills to develop electric vehicle charging stations, management software for these stations, and also to develop futuristic ideas to improve existing technology in electric vehicles. All developed products will be shared in an open-source manner. Engineers' contributions can be voluntary or compensated. If compensated, it must be authorized by the community and will be paid in HEGO tokens. Engineers are encouraged to publish their work in the community forum.

Opportunities for Engineers

  • Product Development: Involvement in the development of electric vehicle charging stations and management software.
  • Innovation in EV Technology: Working on futuristic ideas and technologies to enhance electric vehicles.
  • Open-Source Contribution: Sharing developed products in an open-source manner, fostering community collaboration.
  • Compensation in HEGO Tokens: Authorized compensated contributions will be rewarded with HEGO tokens.
  • Community Engagement: Encouragement to share and publish work in the community forum.