HEGO coin, fluctuating and stablecoin


The HEGO token, available in both fluctuating and stablecoin versions, facilitates investments and payments within the Hego ecosystem.

In addition to utilizing smart contracts, HEGO tokens will have different functionalities. The primary token, HEGO, is available for purchase on the website. Funds generated from its sale will be allocated for technical development, including internal programmers, IT infrastructure, and applications to host various distribution-related services. Additionally, collateral will be created to list the token on exchanges, both centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX). For example, to list the HEGO <> BTC pair, exchanges need to be supplied with both HEGO and BTC.

Once the system is funded, stable tokens will be created, such as hego-USD, hego-EUR, etc. (depending on the country), to provide users with a stable means of payment for recharges. This ensures that customers and distributors are not subject to currency exchange risks or fluctuations in wallet value. The purchase of stable tokens, facilitated by smart contracts, will impact the value of HEGO. A percentage will be used to buy or sell HEGO, thus improving its value for purchases and decreasing it for sales of stable HEGO.